Tournament RUWC II - Administrative decisions

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Administrative decisions go here.

First chapter

Now I understand why there were such rigid eligibility rules for the actual wcop of pokemon cause damn, people will find the nearest opportunity to bend the rules at their will. This is mainly a for fun tour but cmon now.

Precedent takes place and priority over anything. After playing for a team, the main dictatory precedent will be for the one team you played on past year. Only under very extreme circumstances IN MUTUAL AGREEMENT from teams involved the precedent should 100% be respected. As such, me decree FLCL should play for Canada + US Central assuming it gets formed, and Nat should play for US East. Maybe we should recall this the International Leagues RU Cup or something along those lines... eligibilities are a pain in the ass. My PMs are open to discuss it, but I will be VERY willing to enforce this.

For cases like Blunder: Blunder have certainly played for Canada during all his life but right now he is on West. Should have certainly dealt with the potential consequences of not having a clear rule about what to imply here but cant really control it at this point so... He is a first timer meaning he didnt play the first iteration so forcing him out of this more inclusive tour wouldnt be fair because of my incompetence, but he will be given the possibility to play for West given there is no RUWC precedent to tie him up to another team at hand. ALL FIRST TIMERS APPLY FOR THIS RULE BUT CHOOSE ELIGIBILITIES THAT MAKES SENSE (I am asking for way too much here, dont I... at least something close to it, you cant be aiming for US East then LA...). Choose them wisely.

For "Poaching":

Poaching has been defined as the illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals, usually associated with land use rights. Poaching was performed by impoverished peasants for subsistence purposes and a supplement for meager diets.

No, not try to call you animals here but this Poaching action will be a last resort to complete teams. Only in extreme situations for rejects (rosters announced, people out of the blue not on a team) can "Poach" 1 person exiled from an actual team to even the scores. JUST 1.

Yeah, need to rename this in the future... whatever, I will not ruin (not too much) the mood of this tour so lets keep going and I will do my darn best to make it memorable. Cheers!
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